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To understand how massage therapy can help people suffering from fibromyalgia, itís important to understand that fibromyalgia is not a disease and therefore its treatment is much different.  As mentioned earlier, fibromyalgia is a term that is used to described widespread muscular pain that lacks another explanation.  Massage therapy has been recognized for thousands of years as one of the best health care solutions for providing relief of musculoskeletal pain.  Massage therapy primarily works through the relaxation of damaged muscles and the release of trigger points throughout the body.  By promoting proper circulation and nutrition to tissues, massage therapy is a critical factor in the healing process for sufferers of fibromyalgia.  

The best technique to help a client regain control of their fibromyalgia greatly depends on the individual person.  Each persons body is unique and since fibromyalgia isnít a disease process it manifests its self differently from person to person.  While  myofascial release techniques and trigger point therapies have shown promise, your massage therapist is trained in multiple specialties that can be tailored to your specific needs.  Unlike one-suits-all medications, massage therapy is one of the few health care avenues that is individualized to the client.



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