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About Us

Jessa Krissovich, CMT
Among Jessa’s clients are athletes, dancers, working professionals, and seniors. What do all these people have in common?  Pain.

From eliminating even long standing back, neck and shoulder pain, helping improve your golf or tennis game, to lowering your blood pressure naturally, massage therapy can help you eliminate chronic pain and reduce stress. Having experienced chronic and debilitating pain from an automobile accident, Jessa has an intimate knowledge of the frustration and fear you experience when pain pills, adjustments, and other treatments leave you feeling no better. Suffering from profound, life-limiting pain prompted her to study human musculature.

Treatment from a Trigger Point Therapist helped Jessa to uncover the cause of her pain, and bring her body back into proper balance. Trigger Point Therapy seeks to understand the cause of myofascial trigger points (or origins of pain) and eliminate those causes. For Jessa, this treatment offered immediate relief and lasting comfort. With renewed passion for healing others as a result of her own amazing improvement, Jessa realized her dream of studying Trigger Point Therapy. She greets each day with enthusiasm and compassion for her clients.

Happy, pain free clients who are able to enjoy their lives fully is Jessa’s goal.

Debi Chavez, CMT

Debi Chavez has been working as Massage Therapist since 1992, and is a graduate from the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, Ca. 

Debi's training includes Neuromuscular Re-Education, Kinesiology, Joint Mobilization, Deep Tissue, and Corrective Work. Debi has worked alongside of some very gifted Chiropractors and has gained the experience and knowledge in order to help with a variety of imbalances and injuries.

Debi is passionate about working with people who want to improve their everyday lives by decreasing their pain levels, as well as getting them to move and feel better. Clients often say, " I go to Debi when I am in pain and need to continue to work!"


Kayla Price, CMT

Kayla is a graduate of National Holistic Institute, one of the most respected schools in our industry. Kayla's specialties are to effectively treat clients with with postural imbalances, fascial restrictions, repetitive strain, trigger point pain, acute and chronic injury prevention. Kayla is also certified in Massage Cupping which is one of the most effective myofascial decompression modality available.

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Genavieve Gibson CMT

In addition to having over 21 years working as a Certified Massage Therapist, Genavieve Gibson also has a background with her MA in Clinical Psychology. Deeply committed to transformational work and teaching, she brings a unique perspective in blending body, mind and soul. She is currently licensed to teach Avatar® which is a 9 day pure self development program. Her compassionate and light-hearted nature brings a sense of comfortability and safety to her clients that she massages. She enjoys supporting people in healing and relaxation on many levels.

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 Kimberly Brickei, CMT

Kimberly believes everyone is an individual with their own unique story so she tailors her work to suit each person, situation and moment. She likes to listen to what is happening and acts on what she hears. Her approach is not only creative and individual, but also highly skillful. She has a natural gift for sensing what amount of muscle pressure will be healing, and focuses her movements carefully to optimize the goal of bringing you not only relief from your pain but also restoring balance structurally and energetically.

Kimberly has placed tremendous importance on the value of continuing education as a way to best serve the needs of her clients. This burning desire to find out as much as she can about how the body works and how to serve the body’s own healing powers has brought her face to face with some of the leading practitioners in holistic health.

Kimberly is trained in Therapeutic Massage , Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, Thai Massage, Bowen Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, & Neuromuscular Therapy.

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