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Vacu Therapy (Massage Cupping)

The fire cupping process has been simplified by using a manual or electric pump to create the vacuum in plastic or glass cups. The massage cups are applied to different areas of the body to increase circulation, release restrictions and scars, soften fascia and connective tissue, move inflammation and increase lymphatic flow. One of the greatest features of Massage-Cupping is its non-invasive nature by way of decompression. Most massage techniques are intrusive, meaning they enter your body’s space through compression into your tissue. Since Vacuum Therapy uses decompression to lift and separate your tissue, it is often painless, while gaining the same results as traditional massage techniques. Very restricted or inflamed areas of the body will sometimes pinch a little at first, but as the tissue softens, most discomfort will diminish.

  • Relieve deep muscular issues and reduces muscle spasms.
  • Release and soften scar tissue and loosen post-surgery adhesions.
  • Lift and stretch soft tissue to separate fascia and restrictions.
  • Increase range of movement and flexibility in joints.
  • Promote healthy circulation and open the energy flow of the body.
  • Move stagnation and enable normal lymphatic flow.
  • Enhance any athletic training program to improve performance.
  • Reduce “Solid Bloat”.

  • By creating suction and negative pressure, massage-cupping therapy is used to soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, bring hydration to body tissues, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. This stimulates circulation while separating fused tissue layers and draining lymph.

    Many clients who would benefit from deep tissue therapies, but are not comfortable with the deep kneading, would find this therapy a good alternative. Massage cupping brings similar results and utilizes the  suction to pull and stimulate tissues at a deeper level.

    Clients who receive cupping on an ongoing basis have reported decreases in the time it has taken them to recover from injuries, and they leave the sessions feeling a renewed sense of well-being and vitality.


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